Vince Russo Blasts “Old, Worn Out, And Tired” WWE Raw Segment

Vince Russo

The May 1st edition of WWE Raw not only featured the conclusion of the WWE Draft, but also saw The Miz host an episode of MizTV.

Following the announcement that former Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura was drafted to Raw, Nakamura appeared as a guest on MizTV. After making his entrance to a huge ovation from the Fort Worth crowd, Nakamura was asked if he believes he could become the new World Heavyweight Champion. He responded “Hai,” which means “yes” in Japanese, but Miz misunderstood and said that time for introductions was over.

Miz then declared that he himself was the epitome of the type of workhorse champion that Triple H is looking for, but said that Nakamura would make a great number two. Nakamura responded by calling Miz a phrase in Japanese and getting the MizTV host to repeat the phrase before revealing that it means “the guy with tiny balls.”

As the crowd chanted “tiny balls,” Miz tried to attack Nakamura, but was laid out with a Kinshasa for his trouble.

Vince Russo Called MizTV The “Greatest Channel-Changer” On WWE Raw

Speaking on a recent episode of Sportskeeda’s Legion is Raw, former WWE writer Vince Russo weighed in on the MizTV segment, first wondering if Miz would continue his antics on Monday nights.

“Was Miz in the draft? This Miz crap is gonna continue on RAW?”

Miz was indeed drafted to Raw on the April 28th episode of SmackDown. Russo continued, saying the segment made him want to change the channel more than anything else on the show, even when Seth Rollins was regaling the crowd with the singing of his theme song during a segment with Paul Heyman.

“The Miz segment is the biggest, greatest channel changer on this entire show. Literally, even before the Rollins singing. You talk about old, and worn out, and tired, my God. How long are we gonna beat this dead drum?”

The new rosters of Raw and SmackDown will go into effect following WWE Backlash on May 6th. Check out the results of the WWE Draft on night one and night two right here on Inside the Ropes.

h/t Sportskeeda