Vince McMahon’s Influence On WWE Programming “Likely To Grow”

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon might not be a regular presence at WWE tapings in person, but his influence over programming is becoming increasingly apparent.

The Executive Chairman has been making regular changes to shows ever since WrestleMania 39, but in recent weeks, these tweaks have got bigger and bigger. On the June 19th episode of Raw, McMahon scrapped the opening segment and on the following episode of SmackDown almost the entire show was rewritten. This included dropping three previously advertised matches without explanation.

Ahead of the June 26th edition of the show it was reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider that McMahon’s fingerprints would be all over the show. Furthermore, it’s believed that McMahon’s influence is only going to grow as WWE’s deal with Endeavor comes closer to being finalised.

Johnson reiterated that the changes to SmackDown were all made at McMahon’s request.

Some Backstage “Frustrated” By Vince McMahon’s Involvement

Vince McMahon’s growing influence over creative hasn’t gone unnoticed backstage and it’s been reported that not everyone is happy about it. It was recently noted by Dave Meltzer that there’s frustration with McMahon making so many late changes, and throwing out plans and matches that have been advertised in advance.

Meltzer added that backstage figures are trying to find a way to stop McMahon from making so many late changes, although he’s so powerful that no one wants to confront the chairman.

With regard to Vince McMahon’s influence, Ricochet recently confirmed that he’s involved in “everything.”