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Vince McMahon Reportedly Sees “A Young John Cena” In Austin Theory

Vince McMahon John Cena

A new report suggests WWE Chairman Vince McMahon sees flashes of the iconic John Cena in his on-screen protege and US Champion, Austin Theory.

The man now simply known as Theory has been seen at the side of Vince McMahon since late 2021. His position in the company led to a high-profile bout with Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 38 which in turn led to McMahon defeating the SmackDown announcer.

A further big win came on the 18th of April edition of Raw when Theory defeated Finn Balor to become the WWE United States Champion.

Now a report from WrestleVotes has indicated that the future is bright for Theory as McMahon is said to see glimpses of a man who was no stranger to success in WWE, John Cena:

“Now that his push is in full effect, source states he anticipates bigger & bigger things for Theory. A person with direct knowledge states Vince “sees a young John Cena in Theory” and will “give the kid everything he needs to be successful”

Theory recently took a shot at John Cena to mark the sixteen-time champion of the world’s birthday. Theory sent the star a happy birthday message and an apology for being a better champion than him.

Cena responded by praising the young star, commenting that he has nothing to apologise for. In fact, he’ll only have to apologise, if in 20 years he hasn’t made the most of his natural talent.