Vince McMahon Couldn’t Understand Top WWE Star, Ordered Them To Get Elocution Lessons

Vince McMahon

A former WWE Champion has revealed that Vince McMahon told him to get elocution lessons because his thick accent made him hard to understand.

On the most recent edition of WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre cut an impassioned promo on Kevin Owens that got the wrestling world talking.

During it, he recalled being named the Chosen One by Vince McMahon before being fired and building himself up to the point where WWE called him to come back.

However, Drew McIntyre wasn’t always able to get his point across so well. During an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, The Scottish Warrior recalled that during his first run in WWE, his thick accent led to Vince McMahon telling him to get elocution lessons.

“Everyone else on earth has heard Scottish accents in the past or has heard what Scotland tends to say when I talk. Every single person in Scotland has the thickest accent on planet earth, even though we only speak English.

“Even though people have said to me multiple times when I first got here, ‘You speak really good English.’ Well, I fricking hope so, it is the only language that I talk.

“We have these extremely thick accents, we mumble, most of us, and we use a lot of slang. I had to really work on it to the point where Vince McMahon told me when I was 24, ‘We are going to have to get you elocution lessons Drew.’

“After I gave him this passionate speech about my ideas and what I want to do for the company. That was the retort, ‘I think we are going to have to get you elocution lessons.’

“So I worked on it and I spent a lot of time learning to slow down, especially my time away from WWE. I learned how to make myself understood in these kind of interviews and on the microphone, get comfortable in those situations, because I know how important it is.

“When I finally honed it and I finally felt good about myself and the world was saying, ‘Man, Drew is a really confident talker and has improved that area of his game.’ I had Scotland to bring me back down to earth [Thick Scottish accent], ‘Why are you talking like that? Why are you talking like this now?’

“That’s why, because you can’t understand us! I’m so proud to be from Scotland, but nobody understands us, so I have to soften the accent to make it a little less harsh.”

Drew McIntyre is scheduled to face Roman Reigns in Wales at Clash At The Castle for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

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