Vince McMahon Paid Ex-WWE Star Just $100 For WrestleMania Appearance After They Annoyed Him

Vince McMahon

Whoever said that you should never let personal feelings affect business never told Vince McMahon. Time and time again the former WWE Chairman let personal grudges affect how he did business, although it was also said that no bridge couldn’t be mended if there was enough money to be made.

However, if you got on the wrong side of McMahon and weren’t a big star there wasn’t much hope for your longevity in WWE. One person who found this out to their cost was J.C. Ice, who formed part of the tag team PG-13. The star who was also known as Jamie Dundee on the independent scene once annoyed Vince McMahon so much he only got paid $100 to appear at WrestleMania.

Vince McMahon Thought J.C Ice Was An Idiot

At WrestleMania 13 Ahmed Johnson teamed with The Legion of Doom to take on The Nation of Domination in a Chicago Street Fight. PG-13 appeared at ringside with Clarence Mason and D’Lo Brown. However, as J.C. Ice managed to annoy Vince McMahon his payoff was only $100. This was at a time where managers could earn thousands of dollars just for wlking to the ring.

Appearing on his YouTube channel, Dutch Mantell broke down how the incident went down.

“He showed up thirty minutes before the show started and still owed the guy like a $700 cab bill. And he told the cab guy, wait, I’ll get you your money, and the taxi cab driver never saw Jamie again. I think they got the guy paid somehow because the guy raised so much hell he wanted his money. And they knew Jamie was there at that time.”

“And you know what he [J.C. Ice] got paid on that pay-per-view because Vince got mad at him for being an idiot? $100. That’s what he actually got paid. Even managers back in those days, you’d get at least five, six, or seven thousand dollars just to walk to the ring. Maybe not that much, but he got mad at him, and he gave him 100 dollars. And what’s Jamie going to do, bi*** and complain? He is looking for a spot to get rid of him anyway.”

WrestleMania 13 was headlined by the WWF Title clash between The Undertaker and Psycho Sid. However, the show is best remembered for the No Disqualification Submission Match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart.

H/t to Sportskeeda