Vince McMahon Thanked WWE Legend For Attending Hall Of Fame

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Vince McMahon had some kind words for a WWE legend who attended The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame induction.

Vince McMahon inducted The Undertaker into the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year. The creative head of WWE has also praised Taker for his loyalty and has repeatedly said that The Deadman was his favorite WWE Superstar.

One star with a history with The Phenom is The Godfather(Charles Wright). Godfather wrestled Taker in Memphis when they both had yet to arrive in WWE, and The Undertaker was known as Master of Pain.

The Godfather recently appeared on the Two Man Power of Wrestling Trip podcast and revealed that McMahon had some kind words during Undertaker’s big night at the WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE Legend said that McMahon also wished him a happy birthday:

“On my birthday, May 16th, Vince [McMahon] said, ‘Happy birthday big man.’ If that don’t say enough, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how many people he wishes happy birthday on their birthday.”

“During Undertaker’s induction into the Hall of Fame, Vince walks all the way down the aisle, you know, with the walk he does, and he walks back, doesn’t put anybody over, doesn’t put one person over. He comes by me, shakes my hand and says, ‘Thanks for being here, Charles.'”

The Undertaker was the focus of last weekend’s episode of Biography: WWE Legends for A&E. Meanwhile, McMahon had been at the center of controversy following reports of him allegedly sexually harassing former WWE employees and paying them “hush money” afterward.

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