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Vince McMahon “Went Ballistic” After Seeing Former Star’s Wig On TV

Kane Imposter Kane

WWE Hall Of Famer Kane has lifted the lid on why his storyline with ‘Imposter Kane’ was cut short and it all has to do with Vince McMahon’s reaction to a wig.

In 2006, Kane was tormented by an interloper posing as him in WWE – just as his brother The Undertaker had suffered twelve years before. ‘Imposter Kane’ donned The Big Red Machine’s old mask and ring gear but in reality, the fake version of Kane was played by Doc Gallows.

Speaking at Steel City Con, the real Kane – now better known as Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee Glenn Jacobs – discussed going to meet with Gallows and see what his impostor nemesis would look like and being underwhelmed with an extremely frizzy wig:

“So I’d gone down and seen Drew’s [Gallows] outfit and stuff and we’d kind of worked a little bit together before he debuted as that, down where NXT was at that time in Georgia and he’s wearing this wig and it was like a synthetic hair wig and it was terrible and I was like, I remember calling I think Johnny Laurinaitis or someone and saying, ‘It’s great but the wig’s gotta go, okay? The wig looks as fake as all get out.’”

Unfortunately, the memo to get rid of the wig was ignored, and Gallows debuted his version of The Devil’s Favourite Demon with a headful of hair seemingly out of an eighties pop video leading to Vince McMahon losing his temper:

“They didn’t switch the wig and there he is on live TV with this frizzy hair and Vince went ballistic. Not at him, but at the fact that the thing looked silly and that was actually why that whole thing was ditched was because Vince thought it made such a terrible first impression and actually made Kane, my character look bad because here you have this person — you got this guy with bad hair beating me up basically. But you know, the imposter Kane, you can tell that it was very poorly done.”

‘Imposter Kane’ managed to pick up a victory of his rival at Vengeance 2006 but was unmasked by the real Kane the very next night on Raw bringing the storyline to an end.

h/t POST Wrestling