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Vince McMahon Wanted The Colons To Have Hugh Hefner Gimmick

Hugh Hefner

Former WWE Superstar Epico Colon has recalled how he and cousin Primo were nearly dressed as Hugh Hefner and put on WWE TV as a pair of playboys by Vince McMahon.

The Colons ran the gambit of gimmicks in WWE, from matadors to Puerto Rican travel ambassadors, the duo was a fixture in the company’s tag team scene for several years.

Speaking on That’s 90s Wrestling PodcastEpico Colon recalled being pitched the idea of becoming Puerto Rican Playboys and dressing like Playboy magazine magnate Hugh Hefner by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon himself:

“One of the many times we got heat, they came up with this gimmick. We were supposed to be the Puerto Rican Playboys. We’re in the office and Vince goes, ‘Yeah you guys are good-looking. You’re Puerto Rican, I want you guys to dress like Hugh Hefner.’ It was like a mix of Hugh Hefner and Goldust. ‘You’re gonna wear black and gold.’

“Me and Primo looked, we almost threw up right there. ‘Here’s your gimmick,’ they had gear and everything. We had the black and gold robe like Hugh Hefner. And we were gonna be in Goldust’s color scheme. ‘Oh god please.’”

Epico Colon then revealed how the idea was nixed just hours before its debut as McMahon had second thoughts and turned the pair into The Shining Stars instead:

“We were about to debut and then two hours before we were supposed to debut with that gimmick Vince goes, ‘Ah, it might be too much for TV. Playboys, what is that?’ And that was his idea. So then we get called into the office he goes, ‘Yeah I want you guys to sell me Puerto Rico. Just yeah, sell it to me. Sell me attention.’ And I’m like, ‘we’ll do whatever you want other than Puerto Rican Playboys.’”

h/t SEScoops for the transcription