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Vince McMahon Purportedly Pitched Too Cool Getting Married On Raw

Vince McMahon

Scotty 2 Hotty has claimed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon pitched the idea of Scotty marrying his tag team partner Brian Christopher live on Raw.

In November 2021, Scott Garland left his role as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center. Garland is better known for his own exploits in the ring during the Attitude Era, wrestling as Scott Taylor and the beloved Scotty 2 Hotty.

A two-time WWE Tag Team Champion, Scotty 2 Hotty explained how his tag team partnership with Brian Christopher came to be in an appearance on Talk Is Jericho. According to Garland, the team was thrown together for WrestleMania 14 but soon, the duo had a name:

“The day of WrestleMania, I went to catering to get a coffee. There was nobody else for a mile around, and as I’m getting the coffee, here comes Vince McMahon. He’s getting a coffee. I said, ‘Thanks for putting me on WrestleMania. That’s really cool. I know you have me with Brian Christopher, who’s Too Sexy Brian Christopher at the time.’”

“It was just a couple of years before where I used the name, Scott 2 Hot Taylor on some indie shows. I pitched that to him. The next week, I was 2 Hot Scott Taylor, he was Too Sexy Brian Christopher, and together, we were Too Much. We were like the ambiguous gay duo.”

Scotty 2 Hotty then explains his next memorable encounter with McMahon where the WWE Chairman pitched the idea of Taylor and Christopher getting married on Raw. While Taylor tried to justify going along with it, Brian Christopher was completely against the idea:

“He comes up to us, and I’ve barely had a conversation with him since the coffee at WrestleMania, and he said, ‘You know, we’ve seen tag teams come and go over the years, but we’ve never seen tag teams come together for life. I want to do a wedding where you guys marry each other on Monday Night Raw. We’ll have all the other guys on the outside in tuxedos clapping.”

“I’m like 23, and I’m thinking, he had just become the heel promoter with the whole Bret Hart thing, so in mind, I’m trying to justify that I can do this. A year down the road, we could say the heel promoter made us do this, and we come out as babyfaces. I’m trying to justify every idea in my own head.”

“Brian just wouldn’t do it. He had wrestled for his dad in Memphis for years and years and had a solid paycheck there, so I’m sure he had a backup if he had to go back there. He flat out refused to do the tag team wedding, which Billy and Chuck later did. We said no. It must have been May of ‘99 when we did a backstage pretape saying that Too Much was dead, and we’re now known as Too Cool.”

h/t WrestlingNews.co