Vince McMahon Wanted Star To Have “Three-Foot Penis” In WWE Movie

Vince McMahon

A former WWE writer has claimed that Vince McMahon wanted to give a Hall of Famer a “three-foot penis” in a movie produced by the company.

One of the most well-known titles of WWE’s foray into the movie world is See No Evil, a horror film that starred WWE Hall of Famer Kane. Many fans will remember Kane’s descent into madness on WWE television which was caused by the date May 19th – the date the movie was released back in 2006.

Speaking on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, former WWE writer and the man who wrote the screenplay for See No Evil, Dan Maddigan, revealed that Vince McMahon wanted Kane to have a very special appendage in the film before being talked down:

“Vince wanted a scene where this girl’s trapped upstairs and there’s a makeshift cage. And the Jacob Goodnight character unzips his pants and a three-foot penis comes out… I don’t know why Vince thought it would be a good idea. He was adamant on having this scene. I don’t know, did the penis talk? Did it detach? I don’t know what he thought about it.”

“When Vince is adamant about something, it’s like it’s etched in stone. ‘No, three-foot penis good!’ ‘No, three-foot penis bad!’ Back and forth.”

“And finally, when we realized we’re not gonna get any advertising, we’re gonna get maybe NC-17 rating, I think when he saw what could happen to the box office, I think, okay, that [realization the story was unsuitable] went off.”

h/t Sportskeeda