Vince McMahon Showed ‘Embarrassing’ Chris Jericho Botch For Weeks

Chris Jericho and Vince McMahon

Despite Chris Jericho’s dedication to WWE during his long tenure, it didn’t stop Vince McMahon from repeatedly showing a spot that ‘Le Champion’ would rather forget.

Chris Jericho spent roughly two decades under WWE contract after first debuting in August 1999. Numerous championships followed ‘The Ayatollah of Rock’n’Rolla’, resulting in Jericho becoming the company’s ninth Triple Crown Champion and fourth Grand Slam Champion.

Despite his commitment to WWE, Jericho was reportedly a constant source of humour for Vince McMahon. The ex-WWE Chairman is said to have shown a number of co-workers a botch from a Chris Jericho bout, as he described on YoJoshMartinez’s SUPERSTAR CROSSOVER:

“One time I was working with Cesaro, and I say Cesaro because he was working as Cesaro at the time, in Las Vegas on a non-televised live event, a house show if you will, and I was wearing [knee] braces. As I climbed to the top rope to do my comeback, my brace got caught on the top rope and I literally fell into the ring.

“Well, that’s embarrassing enough as it is, but for some reason Vince McMahon got a clip of it and proceeded to show it for the next like four weeks every time everyone was in the arena going over their stuff before the show. He just thought it would be great to show it over and over and over again. I’m like, ‘I wanna slap that stupid face of yours for showing this over and over again’.”

Chris Jericho concluded his final full-time run with WWE in May 2017, dropping the United States Championship back to Kevin Owens. He wrestled just two more matches for the company after this, wrestling Owens and AJ Styles that July, and entering the Greatest Royal Rumble match the following April.

‘The Wizard’ now resides in AEW, leading The Jericho Appreciation Society. He most recently defeated Bryan Danielson at All Out, a man he’s scheduled to face again on the forthcoming broadcast of Dynamite in the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions semifinals.

H/T to Wrestling Inc.