Vince McMahon Almost Had His Head Shaved Bald During 2003 Hulk Hogan Feud

Vince McMahon Hulk Hogan

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon almost lost his coiffured locks during his memorable feud with Hulk Hogan on SmackDown in 2003.

After Hogan and McMahon faced off in a Street Fight at WrestleMania 19 the animosity between the pair was far from over. McMahon thought he had seen the last of Hogan in WWE but then a masked man sporting a bleach blonde mustache turned up called Mr. America and he looked awfully familiar.

Now WWE Executive Director and long-time right-hand man of Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard has discussed the feud on his Something To Wrestle podcast. According to Prichard, the feud was going to end in the most unlikely “lucha de apuestas” match in history with Mr. America facing McMahon in a mask vs. hair match:

“There was [a plan for the end of the Mr. America angle] and it was pretty much the idea was to shave Vince [McMahon’s] head and have a hair versus mask match and shave Vince’s head but, look, it was all based on the Midnight Rider angle that Dusty [Rhodes] had done in Florida and [Bill] Watts and everybody under the sun had done some version of it and this was our version of it with [Hulk] Hogan and it eventually would bring Hogan back.”

Mr. America was last seen on WWE television on SmackDown in June 2003 before Hulk Hogan abruptly left the company bringing his feud with McMahon to an end. He returned into the fold in 2005 when he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

WWE fans that wanted to see Vince McMahon undergo the indignity of a public head-shaving had to wait four more years. The WWE Chairman was shaved bald after Umaga lost to Bobby Lashley in a Battle Of The Billionaires clash at WrestleMania 23. McMahon’s rival in that contest was former US President Donald Trump who helped clip McMahon’s trademark hair-do alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin.

h/t POST Wrestling