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Vince McMahon Saved Life Of Recent AEW Signee

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon isn’t commonly known to be generous to his own roster, but William Regal has claimed Vince saved his life!

William Regal spent over two decades under WWE contract, achieving great success during this time. A former European, Intercontinental, and World Tag Team Champion, ‘The Man’s Man’ is heralded as one of the all-time underrated greats.

Owing to his long tenure in the company, Regal was no stranger to an on-screen interaction with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. In fact, William Regal went so far as to be the first inductee into McMahon’s infamous Kiss My Ass Club, doing so on the first Raw broadcast following the WWF’s victory at Survivor Series 2001.

Vince McMahon’s name was brought up to Regal on the latest Gentleman Villian podcast, with the former NXT General Manager asked whether he had any hilarious stories surrounding the boss. Instead, however, William Regal revealed how much admiration he had for Vince (h/t

“We did a lot of on-screen stuff together and we always had a laugh. I was the least of his problems. Just turn up, be professional, and do my job. ‘What do you need, boss?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘Can you put him over?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘Can you work with him?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Can you get this character over for me?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Thank you.’

But with Mr McMahon, he was my boss. We can have a laugh and a joke now, and then there’s a day, and it’s happened recently, it’s time to go. There’s no hard feelings there because that’s business and there will never be any hard feelings and I’ll always have a loyalty.

I would have died in 1999, so I owe my life. When I had my neck surgery, he might not have even known, but it was his company that paid for me to get the best surgeon, the only surgeon in the world, who could do the surgery that I needed.”

William Regal and Vince McMahon’s on-screen relationship saw the pair contest a tag team on a February 2001 broadcast of Raw, which saw Regal and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley wrestle to a no contest with Vince and Trish Stratus.

The former Lord Steven Regal was a perennial mid-carder for the duration of his WWE tenure, wrestling his last match vs. Antonio Cesaro on the 25 December 2013 broadcast of NXT. He remained with the company for an additional nine years, being released earlier this year after almost a decade of service in a backstage capacity.

A controversial CEO, Vince McMahon is currently being investigated by the WWE’s board, having allegedly paid a woman a sum of $3 million after reportedly having an affair with her.