Vince McMahon Tried To Reverse Fine Given To The Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior

John Bradshaw Layfield has revealed that Vince McMahon once tried to reverse a fine handed down to The Ultimate Warrior.

After retiring from in-ring competition in 1985, Jack Lanza assumed a role backstage with WWE and became one of the most respected agents in the company.

Part of Lanza’s role was handing down fines to those Superstars he deemed to have stepped out of line. One of the Superstars in question was The Ultimate Warrior, who had numerous brushes with management during all of his WWE’s runs.

However, it appears that Warrior had an ally in Vince McMahon when it came to one particular punishment. Speaking on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast, JBL revealed that McMahon once attempted to get Lanza to rescind a fine he gave to Warrior.

However, the veteran figure wasn’t having any of it and the fine stood.

“I’ve no idea [why Warrior received a fine], but it wasn’t very much money,” JBL said. “Vince went to him [Lanza] and said, ‘I really don’t want to fine Warrior.’ He goes, ‘Will you let him off?’ And that was Vince asking Jack. He [Vince] gave that much authority, and Jack said, ‘No. I said it, I need to stick with it.’ Vince said, ‘Okay, fine.’”

Gerald Brisco, who worked alongside Lanza backstage for a number of years said that figures such as the WWE Hall of Famer were vital in keeping everyone happy.

“Guys like Lanza were good to have around,” Brisco said. “They were great advocates for the talent. If you had an issue, you could go to your agent and they’d help you work out your issues.”

Jack Lanza began his wrestling career in 1961, being trained by legendary promotor Verne Gagne. After initially working in St Louis, Lanza began appearing for Gagne’s AWA promotion in mid 1962. During this period he teamed with Bobby Duncum, with the pair being managed by Bobby Heenan.

Fast-forward to the 1970’s and Lanza embarked on the most famous run of his career alongside Blackjack Mulligan, again managed by Heenan. Throughout the decade and into the 80’s the pair won tag team gold wherever they went, including the WWWF Tag Team Titles in 1975.

The partnership eventually came to an end in 1984, with Blackjack Lanza retiring a year later. He later returned to WWE where he worked as a road agent for a number of years. Lanza was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 alongside Mulligan.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.