Vince McMahon Responsible For Recent Divisive WWE Angle

Vince McMahon WWE Raw

Executive Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon is the talk of the town following his supposed sensational return to the creative direction of the company.

Following the multi-billion dollar merger with UFC under the Endeveor umbrella, McMahon revealed he would resume creative control at the “top level”.

The reaction to his creative involvement was negative, to say the least. The post-WrestleMania Monday Night Raw received a tonne of fan backlash as it seemed to suffer from multiple last-minute changes and scrapped plans.

One of the biggest changes reported involved Bayley and Damage CTRL. The Role Model was set to be ringside with her stablemates Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, but she was nowhere to be seen as she was cut from the show.

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer claimed that Bayley getting pulled from Raw was McMahon’s call.

“In addition, Bayley was told not to go out with Kai & Sky. While not official, there was a belief Damage Ctrl was being broken up and a tweet from Bayley indicated that. Kai & Sky basically looked like enhancement talent in the presentation of the tag match.”

Her absence from the show led to further speculation surrounding the status of the faction and Bayley’s future in the company. The former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion posted a cryptic tweet, which seemed to tease her departure.

Vince McMahon Reportedly Made Multiple Changes On Raw

Another of the reported last-minute changes happened to Seth Rollins. The Visionary made his way to the ring seemingly to cut a promo. However, when the show returned from the commercial break the star left without saying a word.

Fan footage then surfaced of Rollins receiving directions from the production crew and based on the fact he left the ring shortly after, it appears he was being informed that his segment was being cut.

Following the show, it was reported McMahon was back in control of the taping. It was noted that changes were made immediately before the show went on the air, and this continued while it was live. This has only added to speculation that Seth Rollins’ segment was pulled while it was in progress.