Vince McMahon Recently Underwent Major Surgery

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon went under the knife last week.

TMZ is reporting that the WWE Chairman had major spinal surgery and after a lengthy four hours, the process was successful.

McMahon, who is 77, hasn’t been seen on WWE television since his return to the company in April, but has reportedly been a big part of the operations on a weekly basis. The stated primary reason for his comeback was to help facilitate a sale of the company which did happen amid that return as WWE was sold to Endeavor for a business merger with UFC.

Changes To WWE Since Vince McMahon’s 2023 Return

Knowing Vince McMahon’s next-level work ethic, major surgery will likely not keep him down for long. Even though he initially stated that he’d stay out of the weeds of creative, McMahon has been greatly involved with that aspect of the company. Some major changes to SmackDown were made back in June by McMahon, which led to several matches being removed from the card. There was also an opening WWE Raw segment weeks back that caused a World Heavyweight Title match between Seth Rollins and Tommaso Ciampa to never go down.

McMahon has mostly been pulling strings remotely, but was backstage for WWE SmackDown when it was in New York City at Madison Square Garden.

Although the boss man seemingly has his paws all over the creative process, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see McMahon take another Stone Cold Stunner from Steve Austin, much like he did at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, TX, but with Vince, never say never.

It has recently been speculated that Gable Steveson’s career hangs in the balance until Vince McMahon returns.