How Vince McMahon Reacted To Kurt Angle Vs Shane McMahon At King Of The Ring

Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon in the ring

Kurt Angle has opened up on Vince McMahon’s reaction to his and Shane McMahon’s brutal match at WWE King of the Ring 2001.

At the 2001 edition of King of the Ring, Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon took part in a hellacious Street Fight that took its toll on both men.

The spot that most fans remember from the bout is Angle attempting to suplex Shane McMahon through a glass panel that was part of the stage set.

The WWE Hall of Famer failed on the first attempt, with McMahon bouncing off the panel and landing on his neck, but the second time the glass exploded as McMahon went through it.

To get back on the stage, Angle once again attempted to suplex Shane O’Mac through another panel, with it again failing the first time. Angle was then able to throw him headfirst through the glass instead.

Speaking about the match on the latest edition of his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show (available early on AdFreeShows), the Olympic Gold Medallist recalled that Vince McMahon was “p*ssed” at the pair.

“Usually when I come back, he says great match and he gives me a hug. [After KOTR] He didn’t say anything. He didn’t say ‘You had a horrible match.’

“I think he was just p*ssed. And I think he was a little stunned at what occurred in that match that Shane took a rabid beating. And I think he was really concerned for his son.

“He wasn’t happy with either one of us is what I’m saying.”

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