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Vince McMahon’s Stunned Reaction To Aiden English Including Rapping In His Entrance

Aiden English standing in the spotlight

Former WWE Superstar Aiden English wowed fans with his incredible vocals during his time in the company, but Vince McMahon reportedly wasn’t a fan of his rapping skills.

During his eight years with WWE, Aiden English regularly used his pristine vocal tones as part of his character as ‘The Artiste’, beginning on the 25 September 2012 broadcast of NXT as he parodied the Major-General’s Song from the musical, The Pirates of Penzance.

When he was paired with Rusev in September 2017, Aiden English would begin performing Hamilton-inspired raps before his usual operatic introductions. Although Vince McMahon enjoyed the former NXT Tag Team Champion’s singing, he wasn’t quite as fond of his rapping, as the real-life Matthew Rehwoldt detailed to D-Von Dudley on his Table Talk podcast (h/t Sportskeeda):

“I tried it and I kept doing it and nobody really said anything. Then just to show you the way it works sometimes, I did it for like a month straight and then finally I came back and Vince was like, ‘What the hell was that? Is he rapping?’ and it’s like, ‘He’s a singer. Tell him to sing again’.”

Following a subsequent feud against Rusev, Aiden English’s in-ring WWE career faded into non-existence, with his final match being against Kassius Ohno at WrestleMania Axxess in April 2019. He’d spend his final year with the company as a commentator for 205 Live before being released in April 2020.

The former Aiden English also claimed to D-Von Dudley that his singing ability isn’t actually as some may think:

“I’ve worked all of you. I am the definition of repetition and fake it till you make it. Maybe I’m just hard on myself. I’ll say this: I can carry a tune. I’ve played music my whole life… I can carry a tune. I am not a good singer. You’re gonna say, ‘No, no.’ Just because I can sit on a note and not be totally off-key… doesn’t make me good.”

Appearing under his real name, Rehwoldt now resides on IMPACT Wrestling’s announce team alongside Tom Hannifan, the former Tom Phillips. He joined the company at the 2021 Homecoming special, winning the Homecoming Tournament alongside then-Knockouts World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo.