Vince McMahon Reached Out To Kevin Nash Following His Son’s Passing

Kevin Nash Tamara Nash Tristen Nash at premiere for Magic Mike

On behalf of Kevin Nash and his wife Tamara, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp broke the news on October 20th that their 26-year-old son Tristen had tragically passed away. Since then, a plethora of pro wrestlers and wrestling personalities have reached out to send their condolences to ‘Big Daddy Cool’, from Vince Russo to Ric Flair to Rhino.

Among them, also, was ex-WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who told Nash that he was there for Nash if he needed anything. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer emotionally discussed his son’s passing on the latest Kliq This podcast, explaining how being one of ‘the boys’ provides you with countless shoulders to cry on:

“Vince [Russo] and I talked on a direct Twitter message. He was very, very kind. That’s the whole thing. I apologize if I haven’t got back to you. When you open your phone and there are 234 messages, where do you start? A lot of them are people who I’ve lost their numbers. For instance, one said, Terry, Rhino, he reached out and thank God he put at the bottom, ‘This is Terry, Rhino.’

I got a message and it was a Connecticut number. I thought it was somebody in the office. I started to read it and it was Vince [McMahon]. It said, ‘This is my new number. If you need me, I’m here’.”

Kevin Nash And His Son Had Quit Drinking

When discussing his son’s passing, which was caused by a cardiac arrest, Kevin Nash stated how both he and Tristen had recently quit drinking a mere week before the tragic incident. Nash compared the symptoms caused by the decision to when you stop drinking copious amounts of coffee:

“We both decided that we were going to stop drinking so it was a situation where we both went cold turkey. I don’t think either of us felt great because you stop drinking coffee for a day and you get a headache. I think we were both dealing with it.”

Tristen Nash had been working on his father’s podcast as a technician at the time of his passing.

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