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Vince McMahon Reportedly Ordered Staff To “Get Up And Clap” Martin Luther King Video

Vince McMahon

A former WWE writer has recalled WWE Chairman Vince McMahon ordering staff to stand and applaud a Martin Luther King video during a production meeting.

Throughout the company’s history, one of the things that WWE have consistently earned plaudits for are their video packages. Whether that be hype packages for matches or events such as WrestleMania, or clips dedicated to former stars or historical figures.

One such package was aired on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw to honour Martin Luther King Jr day.

Posting on social media, former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide, recently revealed that one of these videos was such a big hit with the Chairman, that he instructed everyone to stand and applaud during a production meeting.

Famuyide later added that the only two packages McMahon ever reacted to in such a way were the clips for Martin Luther King Jr and Tribute to the Troops.

“To provide proper context, they used to play every one of those dope video packages that open big shows at the beginning of meetings and Vince would no sell every one of them except two: tribute to the troops and MLK lol,”

McMahon has previously described Martin Luther King Jr. as a “hero” while his admiration for the military has been well documented.

The January 17th episode of Monday Night Raw saw the return to action of Finn Balor. The former NXT Champion had been missing from WWE television since December after notching up a victory over Austin Theory. However on Raw, Theory got his revenge by beating the Irish star in an effort to please his mentor Mr McMahon.