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Vince McMahon & Nick Khan’s Eye-Watering WWE Salaries Revealed

Vince McMahon Nick Khan

A new report has given an insight into the mega salaries of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and WWE President Nick Khan after both men received pay rises.

Brandon Thurston has reported on the salaries of the top two individuals in WWE after the company filed disclosures about their finances on Friday, the 11th of March.

WWE has revealed that Vince McMahon’s salary for 2022 as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the organisation will be $2 million. This marks a sizeable increase on McMahon’s 2021 salary which was given as $1.4 million.

Nick Khan’s salary as WWE’s President and Chief Revenue Officer was given as $1.2 million. It was also noted that the second part of Khan’s sign-on equity agreement is due to be paid in September 2022 and has been increased from $9 million to a staggering $16 million.

Both men also have target management incentive plan bonuses to be paid with McMahon’s given as 250% of his annual salary which comes to $5 million and Khan’s listed as 158% of his annual salary which equates to $1.89 million. Vince McMahon’s performance stock units have a given value of $11 million whereas Khan’s are given a value of $3.575 million.

Paul Levesque, Stephanie McMahon, and WWE’s Chief Financial Officer Kristina Salen all took home $730,000 as their 2021 salaries.

Brandon Thurston also notes that none of these filings include WWE stock dividends with Vince McMahon’s 28.7 million shares said to pay out $13.8 million over the year.