Vince McMahon Netflix Documentary Scrapped

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

A new report has claimed that a planned Netflix documentary chronicling the life and career of Vince McMahon has been cancelled.

On July 8th a series of fresh allegations were made against WWE figurehead Vince McMahon. The report from the Wall Street Journal alleges that McMahon paid more than $12 million to four women formerly associated with WWE over the course of 16 years.

One of the new claims alleges that McMahon coerced a female wrestler into performing oral sex on him. It is also claimed that McMahon demoted the wrestler when she ended their affair and failed to renew their contract after she turned down further sexual advances.

It is alleged that McMahon paid the woman $7.5 million in exchange for her silence.

The news comes after it was revealed in June that McMahon was already under investigation by WWE’s Board of Directors of a “hush” payment made to a former employee with whom he had an affair of $3 million.

Seemingly in response to the allegations, a planned Netflix documentary looking back at McMahon’s rise to the top of professional wrestling has been scrapped. The report from Denise Salcedo notes that the documentary is “off the programming spreadsheet” despite many millions of dollars already being spent on the venture.

“Sources tell me that the Vince McMahon Netflix documentary has been pulled & is off the programming spreadsheet at Netflix. A source at Netflix confirmed it no longer being listed on their spreadsheet, another source at Netflix said “that shit’s out of here.”

Another source indicated that the project was already “deep” in post-production & that several talent interviews had been done months ago & that millions were spent. I spoke to one of the producers on the project, however they declined to confirm nor deny this story to me.”

After the latest allegations were made public, it was reported that WWE talents had been left “frustrated” with how Vince McMahon had been handling the scandal.