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Vince McMahon Discusses His Mindset Behind Releasing Stars

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon says it’s nothing personal when he has to release talent from their contracts; it’s simply business.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has proven himself to be a master at turning his wrestling company into an international corporation, and he recently spoke about some of his business strategies.

During his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Vince McMahon made it clear that any business decision he makes is in the best interest of his audience, and that includes cutting roster members who may have become “dead weight” to the company.

“I’m always concerned about what’s best for the audience. What does the audience want? If you have dead weight around you and you have situations where someone is not cutting it and you have an opportunity for someone else to come in, ‘okay, that’s probably the best thing.’

“It’s one of the reasons with Hogan, and a lot of guys who left me at one time and why I brought him back. ‘I’ll never bring that son of a bitch back.’ When you say stuff like that, you’re really hurting yourself because you’re not thinking about your audience. You’re not thinking about your product. It’s not about you and your ego. ‘Yeah, maybe I really felt that way, maybe I didn’t, but it doesn’t matter.’ What’s the best thing for business. If the audience wants Hulk Hogan back, you bring him back. He has value that way.”

Vince McMahon continued, saying that he’s become a better businessman since he took WWE public because he used to find it more difficult not to make decisions with his heart.

“It’s not personal, it’s business. Once I took the company public, it helped me be a better businessman because prior to that, I was running the business, with my head, but mostly my heart. These decisions are so damn tough when you do that. You don’t know who has kids, someone has cancer in the family, all that is in your head. When you’re a public company, you go, ‘stockholders.’ It is the business end. You have to make an easier and better business decision.”

While he says there is still some heart to his decision making, Vince McMahon maintains that there’s nothing personal about when he chooses to stop doing business with someone, and that he doesn’t mind taking the blame.

“My heart, there is still some of it in there, there is. At the same time, it’s business. There’s nothing personal about it in terms of whether I like somebody or don’t like someone or whatever.

“Sometimes, athletes, maybe more so in our type of business, are not given the opportunity, or even if they are and it doesn’t work, people from all walks of life, seldom look themselves in the mirror and say, ‘I’m the guy who fucked up. It’s on me.’ Instead, everyone has a million excuses as to why things didn’t work, and generally speaking, the heat has to go someplace, the old blame game, and I’m the bad guy. That’s part of the job.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Vince McMahon spoke about the time Jim Ross was in a men’s room and overheard a plot to kill the WWE Chairman as he was encroaching on other promoters’ territories.

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