Vince McMahon Making “Heavy Alterations” To WWE Programming

WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon

Ever since Vince McMahon forced his way back into WWE in January, speculation has been running wild over what his real role is backstage.

While McMahon returned to the Board of Directors and was named Executive Chairman, it’s his influence over creative that got fans talking. McMahon and WWE initially denied that he was playing any role in creative, but he became increasingly involved over WrestleMania weekend and admitted that he’s involved in the creative process.

However, McMahon hasn’t appeared backstage in person since the April 3rd edition of Raw.

A new report from Fightful Select has now offered an update on McMahon’s influence, and how those backstage feel about it.

The report began by confirming that McMahon has continued to make changes remotely, although many within WWE are in “wait-and-see mode” regarding his influence. Fightful add that several members of the roster were “upset” over what they saw during WrestleMania weekend as McMahon’s influence increased.

The roster has been repeatedly reassured that Triple H is still in charge of creative, but McMahon makes changes remotely when he sees fit. While the alterations were said to be heavier when he was at tapings in person, others state that McMahon calls in heavy alterations remotely.

“However, those that we spoke to on the roster said that instead, they hear that Vince McMahon calls in changes remotely, and does it with heavy alterations.”

Vince McMahon Aware Of Disruption His Presence Created

Despite this, some talents said that they’ve had more flexibility over their promos than when McMahon was there in person.

Morale was said to be particularly high following the recent European tour, but some are still “on guard” that things could change. Several believe that McMahon saw the chaos his presence created backstage and has since decided to contribute remotely.