Vince McMahon Made Last Minute WrestleMania Switch To Upset Fans

Vince McMahon

During his time heading up WWE creative, Vince McMahon was famed for changing booking decisions on a whim and producing content to his own personal taste.

Speaking on the Getting Over podcast, Trish Stratus has now detailed how McMahon’s desire to out-fox his own audience affected her at WrestleMania XX. Heading into the event, Stratus had been in a romance angle with Chris Jericho, while Lita was being pursued by his tag team partner Christian. After overhearing that Jericho and Christian were only acting on a bet, Stratus ended her relationship with Jericho. However, Y2J turned babyface and won Stratus back.

This led to a match betwen Jericho and Christain at WrestleMania XX. After Stratus ‘inadvertently’ hit Jericho during the match, Christian got the win. After the bell, Stratus turned on Jericho, revealing she was actually n a relationship with Christian.

Reflecting on the story, Stratus explained she and Jericho were origianlly supposed to stay together as a comedy duo known as Trishstopher. However, McMahon changed the storyline because fans wanted to see a happy ending.

“There are a couple of crazy things. I believe everything happens for a reason. During that storyline, it was supposed to be, the whole beginning of the storyline was for Chris Jericho and I to end up together and we were going to be Trishtopher, and we were this quirky Canadian comedy duo, which people get annoyed with but find endearing.

That was supposed to be the whole thing. When Vince came to us, the night of WrestleMania, and said, ‘I think we’re going to change things up. We’re going to have…’ and he explained I would go heel. ‘What? This is so many months of storyline to get to this moment.’ We were excited about it. We thought fans wanted this, and they did, and that’s why he changed it. Fans wanted it so bad, he thought no one ever expected me to turn. For me, personally, it was a great moment and I was able to turn.

Vince McMahon Laughed At Suggestions Fans Hated Idea Of One WrestleMania Match

Stratus’ memories come after it was revealed that McMhaon laughed during a production meeting when someone pointed out fans hated the idea of Baron Corbin vs. Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35. Unsuprinsgly, McMahon had no intention of changing his plans, socffing “f*ck em.”

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