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Chris Jericho Reveals Reason Behind Vince McMahon’s Frustration With Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens & Vince McMahon

Former AEW Champion Chris Jericho disclosed the reason why Vince McMahon was unhappy with Kevin Owens.

Jericho and Owens were involved in a long-running storyline in 2016/17. The Candian duo teamed up during Owen’s WWE Universal title reign and ended with the revered ‘Festival of Friendship’ segment, which saw Owens turn on Y2J.

The two would clash at WrestleMania 33 for United States Championship. The match received positive reactions at the time, but not from Vince McMahon.

As seen on Kevin Owens’ 365 WWE documentary Owens approached McMahon after the match in the Gorilla Position and asked “we good?” to which McMahon replied “no.”

Speaking to talkSPORT, Jericho stated that he got a thumbs-up response from McMahon for the match and believes that he singled out Owens for several reasons.

“He told Kevin it was the ‘worst match in WrestleMania history’. I never heard anything about that. When I came through, Vince went [thumbs up], so I think he was on Kevin’s case at the time.

“I think he was going through a phase where he thought maybe Kevin had some extra weight that he wanted him to lose or wasn’t happy with his work as a heel.

“Kevin is a very unique performer in that he’s amazing and he’s a bigger guy. Who cares? Mick Foley was a bigger guy, Vader was a bigger guy, Bam Bam Bigelow was a bigger guy. Didn’t affect their work, they were still great performers and Kevin is one of those guys.

“For whatever reason, Vince goes through phases where you just get stuck in his craw and he gets pissed off at anything you do and maybe that was one of his reasons.

“But yeah… the worst match in WrestleMania history?! I was like ‘have you not seen Giant Gonzalez vs The Undertaker?!”

Meanwhile, there’s speculation that Owens’ WWE contract expires in January.