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Vince McMahon Hated End Of Undertaker Vs Triple H At WrestleMania 27

Undertaker Vince McMahon

While WestleMania 27 might be best remembered for The Rock returning to WWE, arguably the most memorable match on the card saw The Undertaker take on Triple H.

The No Holds Barred Match which saw Undertaker eventually move to 19-0 at WrestleMania was the 2nd of the Deadman’s trilogy of matches against Triple H. The pair fought at WrestleMania 17 X-Seven, and would meet again at WrestleMania 28 in a Hell In A Cell match, where Shawn Michaels served as the special guest referee.

Even though Undertaker won the now legendary clash at WrestleMania 27, it marked the first time that he was unable to leave the ring under his own volition.

Speaking in a new interview with ESPN SportsNation, The Undertaker has now revealed that Vince McMahon “hated” the ending to the match. Adding that the WWE Chairman told him “my Undertaker walks out of the ring.”

“Yeah, [Vince McMahon] did not like it. He did not like it at all. To quote, ‘My Undertaker walks out of the ring. I don’t care if he wins or loses, my Undertaker walks out.’ We already knew what we were into. We were in the third year of the story. That alone is so special, to be able to continue a story for four years, it’s unheard of in our business. We knew what the Finish was going to be and we knew we wanted to come back. So how do we do that? Yes, I won the match, but I couldn’t leave on my own. He walked out, and he lost. People were blown away by that and it gave him — even though he took the L, it gave him the credibility — that no one else had ever done. He left the Undertaker laying and unable to walk out. It in turn led to me… that getting in my head, ‘Nobody leaves me laying.’ So now, we have to come back and we came back in Hell in a Cell, with Shawn [Michaels] as the guest referee. It was so good. Those four matches are probably my proudest body of work.”

The Undertaker also discussed his WrestleMania 25 clash against Shawn Michaels. Reflecting on the match, Undertaker recalled his scary dive to to the outside of the ring, where he nearly took out a cameraman.

Big Evil went on to add that he thought the moment added to the match, concluding that he couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.