Vince McMahon “Has Some Scores To Settle” In WWE

Vince McMahon

Following a six-month “retirement”, Vince McMahon returned to the WWE Board in January 2023. Within weeks, he had taken back control as the Executive Chairman of the company.

At the time, people were unsure of the stated intention of his return being to facilitate a sale of the company. However, on April 4th it was announced that Endeavor had begun the process of buying the promotion, with the intention to merge it with UFC to form a new publicly traded company, although there will be no changes to the actual products.

Since the announcement, Endeavor has made it clear that Vince McMahonwill be going nowhere, and the man himself confirmed that he is once again involved in WWE creative, although he claims it is from a higher level than previously.

Dutch Mantell believes Vince McMahon has “scores to settle”

With McMahon’s return now solidified, veteran manager Dutch Mantell believes he will have some scores to settle.

Speaking on Smack Talk, Mantell said he expects MacMahon will make his feelings known on any creative decisions he doesn’t agree with.

“Let’s talk about this. He’s done this all his life. He doesn’t know anything else. He doesn’t how to be a lawyer; he doesn’t know how to drive a truck, not that he would be a good truck driver anyway.

“But he knows how to run a wrestling organization, and since he’s familiar with that, he’ll look at creative, and if he doesn’t like what they are doing, I have no doubt that he’ll make his feelings known.”

Mantell went on to say he thinks the Chairman will want to get back at people who “wrote him off” when he retired.

“And I think he has some scores to settle. Everybody that wrote him off saying, ‘Oh big dog’s dead now.’ Well, he’s not dead. He’s back with a set of teeth and he may be chomping some a*** before he’s gone.”

H/T to Sportskeeda for the above transcription.