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Vince McMahon “Doesn’t Think Anything Is Wrong” With Current WWE Product

Vince McMahon

While fans’ views of the current WWE product may greatly differ, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with it, according to a new report.

One look at social media following Raw or SmackDown every week will give a glimpse into the differing views of the WWE product in recent years. While some fans revel in seeing the few big stars get the limelight, others are frustrated at what they perceive as a lack of focus on younger and up-and-coming talent in the company.

Despite these varying opinions, revenue for the company has never been higher with the company signing billion-dollar deals in recent years with FOX and NBC Universal. SmackDown went to network television for the first time in 2019 when it debuted on FOX. Two years later, the WWE Network in the US became part of NBC Universal’s Peacock streaming service for the very first time.

Answering questions on PWInsider.com, Mike Johnson cautions fans not happy with what they see when they turn on WWE that things probably won’t be changing any time soon, and that’s all down to what Vince McMahon thinks:

“In [Vince McMahon’s] mind, he doesn’t think anything is wrong. The company made a billion dollars last year, so there’s a billion reasons for him to shrug off any criticisms. We are told he pushes and presents what he likes and wants and nothing else makes a dent in that vision. That’s why the shows are presented the way they are and that’s why nothing is going to change anytime soon, if ever.”

WWE is very much on the road to WrestleMania 38 with Roman Reigns set to defend his WWE Universal Title against Brock Lesnar and women’s Royal Rumble winner Ronda Rousey will challenge Charlotte Flair for her SmackDown Women’s Title.