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“Vince McMahon Doesn’t See Riddle As A Main Event Star” – Dave Meltzer

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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon does not see Riddle as a main event star.

During the latest episode of The Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer talked about McMahon’s opinion of ‘The Original Bro’. While the report states that the boss is a supporter of the former NXT Tag Team Champion and finds his gimmick funny in his own weird way, the belief is that the CEO doesn’t understand the character.

As per Dave Meltzer, because he doesn’t understand Riddle and the ‘Bro’ gimmick, Vince doesn’t see the talent as a main event star. However, he does believe that he’s interesting and good enough to devote regular television time to.

It was not explained what WWE and Vince McMahon plan to do with the star going forward, though it thought that he will now be comic relief on the red brand after offering several stars his Bro-Nuts in various segments on December 4 and form a potential team with Jeff Hardy.

The pair met in a segment where Riddle proposed the designation, ‘The Hardy Bros’, and suggested their finisher would be the Bro-etry In Motion.

While a throw-away meeting to begin with, weight was added to the proposition when he rescued Jeff Hardy from an attack by The Hurt Business who will be the pair’s first rivalry as a legitimate team.