Vince McMahon “Didn’t Get” Fan Favourite WWE Tag Team

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon was not a fan of Breezango’s investigative antics.

The SmackDown Tag Team consisting of Tyler Breeze and Fandango would first form in 2017, frequently criticising the attire of various WWE Superstars in backstage segments known as The Fashion Files.

Vince McMahon Kept Breezango On WWE TV Due To Fan Support

The vignettes would quickly become a weekly highlight of the blue brand, with popular TV shows and movies such as The X-Files, Pulp Fiction and Twin Peaks being parodied by the former NXT Tag Team Champions.

One of Breezango’s targets in their investigations was The Usos, who were referred to by The Fashion Police as The Uggos. The future Bloodline members were charged with crimes including visual assault from their face paint and for Jey and Jimmy walking.

Breeze and Fandango would attempt to fool the SmackDown Tag Team Champions by wrestling in disguise at the Backlash 2017 pay-per-view.

While many looked forward to finding out what The Fashion Police had planned next, Vince McMahon failed to see the funny side of the parodies.

Fandango, now known as Dirty Dango on the independents, recently spoke to about the segments. Dango revealed that McMahon did not understand the humour, but kept the act going as the WWE Universe saw the funny side:

“From day one to the last day we did it, Vince did not laugh once. He did not understand any of the jokes, he didn’t get any of the pop culture [stuff], any of the movies. [He did] not understand it, he didn’t like it, but he knew the fans liked it, so he kept it on his show. Yeah, he didn’t understand any of it.”

The former Deputy Dango continued, stating that while others around him found the segments hilarious, McMahon remained bemused by what was going on:

“There would be people in gorilla watching the segment and everyone would pop while the segment was airing and Vince would just look around and be like ‘What the f*ck?’. The dry sense of humor, it just wasn’t his thing you know. If you’re a 70 something year old guy, you’re probably not getting Twin Peaks jokes you know, it’s understandable. It’s nothing against him, he didn’t like it at all, but he knew some people did.”

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcription.