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Vince McMahon Has Controversial Fan Sign Removed From WWE RAW

Chris Jericho Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon reportedly had “quite the reaction” to a controversial fan sign on Monday Night Raw and had it removed in quick order.

Despite not being attendance for the December 27th episode of Monday Night Raw in Detroit, the WWE Chairman nonetheless was paying close attention to the show and noticed a sign in the audience that wasn’t to his liking.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon had a direct connection to the feed of the show from the production truck, and saw a sign that read “Nick=Con Tony=Khan.” The sign is in direct reference to both Nick Khan as President of WWE and Tony Khan as President of rival company AEW. Despite sharing a surname, the two men are not related.

Vince McMahon reportedly had “quite the reaction” to the sign and it was ordered to get the sign out of there. The sign was gone within seconds.

Nick Khan joined WWE in August 2020 as President and Chief Revenue Officer but has already made waves in the organization. He is widely seen as one of the driving forces behind both the recent revamp of NXT to NXT 2.0 as well as the budget cuts which have led to many WWE Superstars being released from their contracts.

He is believed by some to be the favorite candidate to take over WWE should Vince McMahon have to step down.

Meanwhile, Tony Khan is a lifelong fan of wrestling who, along with his father Shad Khan, served as one of the lead investors helping to create AEW. Tony Khan has been widely praised for the creative freedom given to wrestlers in his promotion as opposed to heavily scripted segments in WWE, and also for being very accessible as a boss.

Tony Khan was recently criticized by former AEW star Big Swole for the lack of diversity in AEW and faced social media backlash for his response to the situation.