Vince McMahon Plans To Block WWE Sale If He’s Not Involved

Vince McMahon

The Vince McMahon saga continues.

Vince McMahon is officially back with WWE after securing a spot on the Board of Directors. In a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission it has now been confirmed that McMahon has “acted by written consent” to remove three board members. Those members make way for McMahon himself alongside Michelle Wilson and George Barrios.

It is now McMahon’s intent to be elected as Chairman of the Board, although this will require approval from company Directors.

Vince McMahon Plans To Block Any Attempt At A Sale By WWE Where He Isn’t Involved

When the news initially broke that McMahon was taking steps to return to the company, it was stated it was so that he could help facilitate a sale. Interestingly, in previous communication with WWE’s Board of Directors, McMahon made it clear that he would block any renegotiation of television and streaming rights, or even the sale of the company were he not installed as Executive Chairman.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer surmised the following:

“Essentially, if they want to sell, he will block it, because once it is sold, he will have no way in because he would no longer control the voting shares. But at the same time, he does want to sell the company, but do it while in charge so the deal could benefit him and he can work himself into being kept in charge after the sale while if they sell, there is a good chance he will never get back in, because all of his leverage to return is based on his voting shares that will be gone once the sale is complete.”

This news follows an earlier report which claimed that McMahon had a previous return blocked by the Board of Directors. However, due to being majority shareholder, McMahon was able to take a different route.

McMahon’s comeback is said to have stunned many within the company, with some already reportedly looking to leave.