Vince McMahon Blasted Kevin Dunn For Using Offensive Slur Towards WWE Talent

WWE Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon has a polarizing reputation, to say the least. In the past he’s been hailed for his influence on the wrestling business, his ability to adapt changing technology to improve WWE’s success, and for taking a regional promotional national and then a national promotion global.

Conversely, there have been plenty of negative things said about him as well. Aside from his ongoing issues with lawsuits, allegations of hush money and inappropriate behavior with colleagues, he has also been involved in a steroid scandal, had several non-wrestling related failed business ventures like the WBF and the XFL, and his central role in the Montreal Screwjob.

But despite what the public sees and hears about Vince McMahon’s behavior, there have been times when he has actually looked out for others, sometimes in small ways and other times in big ways.

He even chewed out one of his most longstanding confidants for insulting one of his talent in a very crass way.

“Vince McMahon HATES the M-word” – Hornswoggle

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Hornswoggle explained that Kevin Dunn would refer to Hornswoggle/Dylan simply as “the midget” when discussing production matters. Vince shot back at Dunn for using that sort of language insisting that it was “crass”.

“Kevin Dunn on a headset. I was underneath the ring, and I could always hear the conversations between everyone. Everyone. The producers in the back, Kevin Dunn in the truck, Vince in the back.

Whenever he had to, like, say a specific direction. I was like, on this headset, I loved it. I was like, Oh, I get to hear a lot of things.

So Kevin Dunn’s like ‘Vince, we need to figure out how to get the midget back to the back.’ [As Vince] ‘Goddammit Kevin! We don’t use that word. He’s a little person.’

[Dunn’s response] ‘Oh, sorry. Sorry, Vince. Sorry.’ And it was like apology after apology after apology. And they apologized to me, too. It’s like, I don’t care.”

An almost-identical interview can be found below, with a similar discussion on dwarfism, Vince McMahon, and ‘The M-word’ happening around the 11-minute mark.