Vince McMahon Once Banned Two WWE Legends From Going To Strip Clubs

Vince McMahon angry inside a WWE ring

A WWE Hall of Famer has revealed that Vince McMahon once imposed an unusual ban in an effort to protect two of his babyface stars.

Professional wrestling in the mid-1990’s was a vastly different place to what it is in 2022. While the art of kayfabe wasn’t as prevalent as it had been throughout previous generations, there were still attempts being made to ‘protect the business.’

Once such example of this was Vince McMahon’s attempts to protect the fan-friendly virtue of his of his biggest stars.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Kliq This, Kevin Nash revealed that McMahon once banned he and The Undertaker from going to strip clubs. Nash explained that the order came as a way to try and protect the clean-cut reputation of two of his biggest babyface stars.

“I remember one time me and ‘Taker got called into the office. Principal McMahon told me and ‘Taker that he didn’t wanna see us or hear of us being in any strip clubs. He said it wasn’t a good image for Mark [Mark Calaway, The Undertaker’s real name] and I because we were both babyfaces at the time.”

Unsurprisingly, Nash and Undertaker defied the instruction, bumping into each other inside one of the United States’ finest adult entertainment establishments.

“I’m sitting there looking around and, all of a sudden, I look straight across from me in the room, I see this long flicking hair, I see a bandana, I look over and I f**king just see ‘Taker,” Nash said. “We’re not gonna sit with each other, we’re just like, ‘Oh, so you didn’t listen either.’ It was just acknowledged, like, ‘F**k that, right, man?’”

The former nWo star also gave some interesting logic for wrestler’s frequenting the clubs, explaining that they knew they wouldn’t be bothered for autographs in the bars.

Kevin Nash was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame individually in 2015, before being indicted again as part of the nWo as part of the Class of 2020. While The Undertaker was inducted in 2022.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.