Vince McMahon Aware His Presence Could Be A “Huge Blow” To Talent Morale

Vince McMahon & Paul Heyman

As rumours continue to swirl about Vince McMahon’s ‘true’ role with WWE, a new report has revealed that the Executive Chairman knows backstage morale could crash in an instant.

Although the official line is that McMahon returned in January to help sell the company and work on upcoming media rights negotiations, many believe there is more to it. Although McMahon isn’t involved in creative in an official capacity, it has been reported that he is doing more than WWE is publicly admitting.

This speculation went into overdrive with his backstage appearance at the March 6th episode of Raw and the booking of the WrestleMania match between Omos and Brock Lesnar.

While WWE and McMahon maintain that he isn’t involved with creative, it has been reported that both parties are aware of the ramifications if it became public knowledge he was. The report from Fighful Select notes that McMahon and the company are “aware that a huge blow to talent morale could and likely would happen if he were publicly involved in creative.”

Talent “Concerned” About Vince McMahon’s Involvement In Creative

The same report explained that some talents are concerned about potential involvement from McMahon. They highlighted instances of shows being rewritten late in the day and creative changed at the last minute. Both of these scenarios were commonplace during McMahon’s time running creative.

However, the creative team insists they haven’t spoken to the Executive Chairman.