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Vince McMahon Actively Involved With Royal Rumble Production

Vince McMahon

In an update on Vince McMahon’s absence from this year’s Royal Rumble, PWInsider has reported that while he was not there physically, McMahon was still involved in the production of the event remotely.

As per the report, McMahon was not present at the Royal Rumble as he was attending a personal matter. However, he watched the event live on the WWE Network and was in constant contact with WWE officials throughout the show.

“There have been rumors floating around that Vince McMahon was not present at the 2021 Royal Rumble. It is correct that he was not physically present as he was said to be attending to a personal matter but McMahon watched the event via the WWE Network and was in constant conversation with WWE officials and “directing traffic” via phone. It was not a case of McMahon not being involved with the active production of the show.”

Vince McMahon was not the only member of the family involved in the show, with the report also stating that his son, Shane McMahon, was part of the team that put together the Men’s Rumble match. The team also included Jason Jordan, Jamie Noble, and others. The match featured an iron man performance from returning WWE Superstar Edge, who won the Rumble having started as the first entrant. His final elimination was his bitter rival, and the second entrant, Randy Orton.

The event was very much a group effort this year, with the Women’s Rumble, which was won by Bianca Belair, having been produced by another team that included on-screen authority figure Adam Pearce and Tyson Kidd.