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Viktor Has Mixed Feelings On Being Longest Reigning NXT Tag Team Champion


Viktor, formerly of The Ascension tag team has opened up on his mixed feelings at the team still being the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions.

The Ascension held the NXT Tag Team Championships for just short of one year, winning them in 2013 from Adrian Neville and Corey Graves. To this day, The Ascension’s reign is over 100 days longer than the second-longest – currently shared by Blake and Murphy and The Undisputed Era.

Speaking to the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, Viktor reveals that he has mixed feelings about the run:

“I have a lot of mixed feelings about it, I think I was laughing about it with Konnor the other day because we were like, ‘I can’t believe they haven’t gotten rid of that yet’ because I was sure that they were going to get rid of it at one point.”

“I thought it was going to be FTR or AOP because I know both of them had super long reigns. And I was sure that one of them is going to get it and then they never did. I was really surprised at that. And I think it’s just the fact — WWE did their best to forget about us being the longest-reigning NXT Champions.”

Viktor continued:

“I remember some of the commentators saying that they were never allowed to bring it up again on commentary. That’s more or less why I have mixed feelings on it, and I remember the time for me and Konnor. It looked one way to everybody else, and it was really a completely different way for the two of us.”

Viktor and his partner Konnor were dominant in NXT before being relegated to enhancement talent status on the main roster. They famously appeared in a segment on Raw with the nWo, the APA, and the New Age Outlaws. After running down the legends, The Ascension would be on the receiving end of a beat down with the former stars standing tall.

The Ascension left WWE in December 2019. Now known as Big Kon and Vik, they plan to continue wrestling as a tag team, now called The Awakening.

Credit: Wresling Inc. Daily Podcast