Vickie Guerrero Taking Daughter Sherilyn To Court Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Vickie Guerrero

After Sherilyn Guerrero accused her stepfather of sexual assault, Vickie Guerrero and husband Kris Benson are prepared to take her to court.

Earlier this week, Guerrero’s daughter Sherilyn accused her stepfather Kris Benson of sexually assaulting her. In her statement on TikTok, she alleges that the incident took place on a 2020 cruise, and she said she was done being silent about the situation despite receiving pushback from her mother, who she says did not support her in the incident and sided with her husband.

Vickie hit back shortly thereafter, claiming that her relationship with Sherilyn has been “hostile” for years, accusing her daughter of “manipulation.” She says that Sherilyn refuses to attend family therapy to address the situation and noted that she and her husband have paid for housing and medical care for her daughter.

Sherilyn’s sister Shaul Guerrero also weighed in on the situation, confirming that the 2020 incident did indeed take place but lamenting the hurt between herself and her sister. She expressed her hope that Sherilyn will attend therapy and that healing could take place while establishing a firm boundary between them due to alleged “verbal and emotional abuse.”

Vickie Guerrero’s Lawyer Issued A Statement

While Vickie recently deleted her social media amidst criticism over her response to her daughter, she has reactivated her Instagram and posted a message from her lawyer, who will be representing her and her husband in court to fight Sherilyn’s accusations.

April 12, 2023
Kris and Vickie Benson Respond to Sherilyn Guerrero’s Recent Allegations
Kris and Vickie Benson vehemently deny Sherilyn Guerrero’s recent allegations of sexual assault and abandonment. Ms. Guerrero’s unsubstantiated accusations have caused the Bensons to suffer public ridicule, scorn, derision, and humiliation. Kris and Vickie fully appreciate the seriousness of allegations of this nature and the need for public support of sexual assault survivors; however, they ask that you withhold final judgment on this matter until they have an opportunity to bring Ms. Guerrero and her claims into a court of law where judgment is based on facts and merit.

Reese Campbell
Attorney for Kris and Vicki Benson
EaDo Law, PLLC
Houston, Texas
(713) 424-6653

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, you can find help and support here if you’re in the UK, and here in the United States.