Vickie Guerrero Removed From AEW Roster Page, Deletes Social Media

Vickie Guerrero

In the midst of a difficult family situation, Vickie Guerrero has gone silent on social media and has been removed from AEW’s roster page.

Earlier this week, Guerrero’s daughter Sherilyn accused her stepfather Kris Benson of sexually assaulting her. In her statement on TikTok, she alleges that the incident took place on a 2020 cruise, and she said she was done being silent about the situation despite receiving pushback from her mother, who she says did not support her in the incident and sided with her husband.

Vickie hit back shortly thereafter, claiming that her relationship with Sherilyn has been “hostile” for years, accusing her daughter of “manipulation.” She says that Sherilyn refuses to attend family therapy to address the situation and noted that she and her husband have paid for housing and medical care for her daughter.

Sherilyn’s sister Shaul Guerrero also weighed in on the situation, confirming that the 2020 incident did indeed take place but lamenting the hurt between herself and her sister. She expressed her hope that Sherilyn will attend therapy and that healing could take place while establishing a firm boundary between them due to alleged “verbal and emotional abuse.”

Now, Vickie Guerrero has deleted both her Twitter and Instagram accounts, going silent amidst criticism over the tragic family situation.

Vickie Guerrero’s AEW Contract Set To Expire In July

While AEW have not released a statement regarding Guerrero’s family turmoil, the company has removed her profile from their roster page. The move comes as little surprise as her contract is set to expire in July, and she revealed in March that she’d been told to stay home for the remainder of her time with the company.

Guerrero has expressed frustrations about the creative direction of her character and said that “opportunities weren’t given” for her to progress. Speaking to Denise Salcedo back in March, she had this to say:

“AEW’s been good with me. I loved my time there. I was there for three years. I just want more in life. My character wasn’t progressed for the three years, and opportunities weren’t given. I just felt like, for me, as a professional decision, I needed to go somewhere else where I’m able to be the character that I want to be and to be appreciated for the work that I can present inside the ring. Even though I’m gonna miss managing Nyla and Marina, three years is good.

I tried it, I bought the t-shirt, I get to say I was there, and I’m ready to move on and bet on myself. So with the way doors have opened, I’m very grateful, and I know that AEW’s gonna be very successful, and they’re gonna do great stuff in the future. I just want to take a different road.” (h/t Fightful)

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, you can find help and support here if you’re in the UK, and here in the United States.