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Vickie Guerrero: “I’ve Submitted A Storyline About Being General Manger”

Vickie Guerrero

While Vickie Guerrero had appeared on WWE television prior to becoming SmackDown General manager, it wasn’t until she took control of the Blue brand that she hit her stride as on an on-screen character.

Vickie Guerrero joined forces with Edge throughout 2007 and 2008, forming La Familia and using her power to keep the World Heavyweight Championship on her new on-screen partner and away from The Undertaker. During this period Guerrero would famously be on the receiving end of a Tombstone Piledriver from the Deadman, which resulted in her appearing in a wheelchair.

During an appearance on AEW Unrestricted, Vickie opened up about how she got into the wrestling business, reminiscing about her early days on camera as part of husband Eddie’s storyline with Rey Mysterio. When asked about how she got involved in wrestling, she had a simple answer;

“Eddie told me to,” Vickie laughingly said. “During that storyline, it was Rey Mysterio and Eddie for the child custody case of Dominik, and so it was going really well between Rey and Eddie. And then when Vince McMahon wanted the family to get involved to make it seem more personal, I thought it wasn’t going to come to fruition, but it did.

“We started bringing the girls in and me in, and to be able to perform backstage and do different segments with Eddie, Eddie was a perfectionist. He would just beat himself up over the littlest things. So the pressure was on me to not screw up because I had to go home with him. So that was something that was even twice as hard for me to try and do my best without getting that, well you’ve probably seen it Tony, Guerrero look.”

Later on in the podcast, Guerrero responded to a fan question asking if there was room for an authority figure in AEW. Guerrero revealed that she had in fact pitched an idea to become General Manager, and how that storyline might play out alongside AEW President Tony Khan.

“Well, I’ve submitted a storyline to the agents about being a general manager,” Vickie revealed. “I know there’s no general manager on AEW. So you know ‘Basic Instinct’ with Sharon Stone where she’s at the desk, and she has the long legs and she crosses them. She wears a short skirt.

“I can picture me trying to manipulate Tony Khan by romancing him and being seductive with him and giving him my woman power to say, ‘just let me be general manager, just for a month. Just let me try it.’ Of course, as a heel, I’m never going to be a general manager, but I think the segment’s would be so incredibly uncomfortable for Tony that it would get great ratings.”

Elsewhere in the appearance, Guerrero detailed how she wanted to leave the wrestling business following husband Eddie’s death, before returning to WWE in the summer of 2006.

You can listen to the full episode of AEW Unrestricted here, with a h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.