Veteran Slams Seth Rollins’ Presentation – “Is This A Singalong Like Freaking Sesame Street?”

Seth Rollins at Night of Champions

Seth Rollins’ return to WWE Raw complete with the new World Heavyweight Championship might have been a big hit with fans, but Vince Russo was decidedly unimpressed.

In recent months, Rollins’ popularity has soared and fans have begun to sing his theme song louder and louder. This arguably peaked on the May 29th edition of the red brand when he entered through the crowd as they sang, and continued as streamers fell on the ring as he celebrated his recent World Title win.

Appearing on Sportskeeda’s Legion of RAW, former WWE Head Writer Russo said that the singing is a “joke,” adding that it has become a “mockery.”

“What’s with the F-ing singing? Like what is wrong? What is with the singing, guys? Is this a singalong like freaking Sesame Street now? Is that what this show is? Could you imagine them singing along with Bruno Sammartino and singing along with Roddy Piper and singing along with Randy Savage? This whole thing has become a mockery. This is a joke.”

Is Seth Rollins Going To Face Brock Lesnar?

Now that Seth Rollins is in possession of the World Championship once again, attention has begun to turn to what’s next. However, it seems that according to one report, what won’t be next is a match with Brock Lesnar. The report noted that there are no plans for a match between the pair, with The Beast set for a third match with Cody Rhodes.

Rollins won the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating AJ Styles at Night of Champions.

H/t to Sportskeeda