Veteran Slams Latest Bray Wyatt Segment “I Thought I Was Back On Drugs”

Bray Wyatt in Pitch Black Match

Since defeating LA Knight at the Royal Rumble, Bray Wyatt has remained as cryptic as ever.

Ahead of Elimination Chamber, the star said that he would be going after the winner of the match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. On the show in Montreal, it was Lashley who picked up the win after Lesnar got himself disqualified. On the following episode of Raw, a fired-up Lashley sent his own message to Wyatt after attacking Elias.

On the February 24th episode of SmackDown, Bray Wyatt brought back the Firefly Fun House. In a bizarre segment, Wyatt was seen in the production truck overseeing his recent promos, there was a recap of Lashley on Raw, and cameos from Uncle Howdy and Ramblin Rabbit before the clip ended with the star asking fans if they could keep a secret.

The segment was criticised heavily on social media for making little sense, and now Dutch Mantell has weighed in. Speaking on Smack Talk the veteran said that it was that confusing he wondered whether he was back on drugs.

“I was watching it, and it kind of went on longer than it should have gone on. Come on, guys, get out of it. I don’t (…) That was really, really confusing. It really was. I thought I was back on drugs again. But no, I wasn’t. That was really happening. I said people who are not drinking and doing drugs, straight people put this together.”

Mantell went on to question what the point of the segment was.

“And I was thinking, does it get attention on Bray? They didn’t mention anybody else. I don’t know. He did have Lashley and Brock in the video, but he could have had damn Abraham Lincoln, I don’t get it.”

LA Knight Ready To Move On From Bray Wyatt

On SmackDown LA Knight reiterated that he was moving on from Bray Wyatt and wanted a spot at WrestleMania. During the promo, he was interrupted by the New Day and ended up in a match against Kofi Kingston which he lost.

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