Veteran Opens Up About JBL Threatening To Beat Up Fellow WWE Stars


In recent days allegations of bullying involving JBL have once again come to the surface. During his full-time career with WWE the star was known as a physical and intimidating presence inside the ring, and there were claims that this extended backstage as well, particularly with younger performers.

JBL recently returned to WWE on the October 17th edition of Monday Night raw as the new manager for Baron Corbin. Following his most recent appearance on November 7th, Ric Flair took to social media to express his disgust that not only was the former World Champion being used, but that he remains in the WWE Hall of Fame. Flair claimed that it was hypocritical of WWE to feature JBL while also heading up an anti-bullying campaign.

JBL Once Threatened To Pull Over A Car He Was Driving To Beat Up A Fellow Star

Speaking on the latest episode of Smack Talk with Sportskeeda, wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell recalled his own run-ins with Bradshaw. Mantell explained that he had seen JBL threaten to beat up fellow stars after picking on them while travelling.

“I have seen him (JBL) with other guys in the car, and he’d be driving, I’ll be in the passenger’s seat, and two guys at the back or one guy. He’d just picked that guy to zero in on, and for like 200 miles, it was nothing but zip zip zip and the guy getting mad and JBL threatening to pull the car over and beat the crap out of him cause he was playing and the guys would get mad. But they didn’t want to pull the car over and fight the guy,”

Continuing on, Mantell revealed that he saw an unnamed performer make up a story to leave a car driven by John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield as they had enough of his antics.

“I have had some guys, and I think one guy, can’t remember who, actually got out about halfway there and rode with some guys. He got his bag, and he said “I need something in my bag” and then he went back and got his bag, and he took off with the other guys,”

On the most recent episode of Raw JBL introduced Baron Corbin to the ring ahead of the star’s match with Cedric Alexander. Once the bell rang Corbin made short work of his rival defeating him in a little over two minutes.

H/t Sportskeeda