Veteran Dismisses Jon Moxley As A “F*cking Mental Case”

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley is one of the most popular wrestlers active today. He has legions of loyal and devoted followers, many of whom wanted the world to know of Moxley’s greatness by voting for him as the Wrestling Observer’s Wrestler of the Year for 2022.

But just because he has loud and unyielding supporters online doesn’t mean everyone is on board with this notion.

Case in point: Jim Cornette, who is a longstanding wrestling critic that rarely takes sides and isn’t afraid of articulating his opinion on various people and happenings within the wrestling industry.

Cornette’s disdain for Moxley isn’t a new phenomenon; he has been critical of Moxley for a few years now, at least as far back as 2021 when Jon “plumber” Moxley was voted the WON’s Wrestler of the Year for 2020.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette continued this theme by pointing out what he sees as Moxley’s flaws. According to Cornette, Moxley doesn’t look or act like a consummate top-tier professional wrestler and takes too much influence from Nick Gage, whom Cornette calls “the bank-addicted drug robber.”

Jim Cornette eviscerates Jon Moxley and accused him of being an “outlaw” performer

“He looks like an outlaw mudshow piece of sh*t, he acts like an outlaw mudshow piece of sh*t; and just like his hero and boyfriend, the bank-addicted drug robber, all he’s ever gonna be is an outlaw mudshow piece of sh*t.

Is this some type of, I don’t know, mass hysteria like when Vince managed to convince people for a couple of years that The Ultimate Warrior was worth a sh*t? That everybody’s just blind in some kind of hysteria?” “He’s a f*cking mental case. He’s got chronic concussion whatever.”

Jon Moxley is but one of many AEW wrestlers that gets criticized or discussed by Cornette on his regular podcasts. He recently made some interesting comments on Jungle Boy’s behavior at a wrestling convention and also discussed the strengths and weaknesses of AEW’s recent business decisions.

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