Velveteen Dream Was Arrested For Cocaine Possession Back In 2021

Velveteen Dream

It appears that Velveteen Dream’s recent legal troubles can be traced back to a 2021 arrest for cocaine possession.

It was recently reported that former NXT Superstar Velveteen Dream, real name Patrick Clark was arrested on August 20th and again on August 26th. The charges on August 20th related to First Degree Battery and Trespassing, and the charges on the 26th, drug paraphernalia.

It has now been reported that this arrest could tie into an incident in November 2021. On that occasion, Clark was charged with possession of cocaine (use or possession of drug paraphernalia), destroying/altering/concealing physical evidence, and having no lamps/illuminating devices at night.

The arrest report stated that Clark was observed taking cocaine and attempting to conceal a baggie containing the substance when confronted. Clark cooperated with officers at the scene and admitted that the substance he was seen inhaling was cocaine.

On April 12th court records show that the former WWE star was sentenced to 12 months probation, and $213 fine for court costs, with additional community service. Clark was just four months into this probation when he was arrested last week.

It is likely that Clark’s arrest on August 20th, triggered the second arrest for a probation violation.

After appearing in the sixth series of WWE Tough Enough, Patrick Clark signed with the company in 2015. Following a handful of appearances, the star was repackaged as the Velveteen Dream in 2017 and went on to win the North American Championship.

However, Clark was last seen on television in December 2020 and was later released the following May. At the time of his release, Clark was facing accusations of serious sexual misconduct. It had been alleged that the star sent explicit photos of himself to minors. Clark denied the allegations.