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Veer Recalls Backstage Interaction With The Undertaker Ahead Of Debut

Veer & The Undertaker

Veer has revealed that he enjoyed a chance meeting with The Undertaker just before making his debut on Monday Night Raw.

On the Raw after WrestleMania 38, Veer finally arrived. His debut had been hyped for months and by the time he left the ring after his first night on the main roster he had already made an impact.

On the show, Dominik Mysterio had just been defeated by The Miz in 30 seconds, when Veer made his big entrance. The Indian star wasted little time in getting down to business, demolishing Dominik and his legendary father, Rey.

Speaking with Vipin Raghuwanshi of Sony Sports Network, Veer reflected on his debut, commenting that it had been worth the long wait.

“It feels great,” he said. “It does not feel like it was me alone who joined RAW, but 1.4 billion Indians, plus the fans all around the world have joined with me. I know we have waited for 5-6 months. But, I think the wait was worth it. It was worth it for me. It was worth it for all the fans around the world.

“We are seeing that energy. I felt the energy transformed, just as soon as I got my entrance, from them to me and I was able to give them back what they have been waiting for so long.”

Expanding further, Veer explained that he was thankful that WWE had given him the opportunity to represent his culture and heritage through his on-screen presentation.

“I am grateful for WWE to allow me to be express and represent the 1.4 billion people back in India, allowing me to represent my tradition and culture,” he said. “That’s massive. I don’t think there is any other platform that allows you to express the culture and tradition.

“I am able to wear the ring gear that I have grew up seeing my grandfather and father wear, Dhoti, and I am able to perform in it. When I was a kid, I use to go to the temple and apply the tripund on my forehead. I am able to apply that here also. So, I am forever grateful for that to WWE Universe.”

The former baseball star also revealed that he ran into The Undertaker backstage just before he made his debut.

“Before my debut, I ran into Undertaker,” he recalled. “I had a few call sessions with Undertaker at Performance Center. And it was great to see Undertaker backstage when I was getting ready for my debut. He goes, ‘Man, are you ready for this?’ I said, ‘Yes, sir. Now, you are here and I am ready to go.’ That was one of the most memorable moment.”

After demolishing Dominik Mysterio again on the April 11th episode of Raw, Veer was most recently in action on April 25 where he quickly defeated Sam Smothers.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.