Valentine’s Day Chaos As Dominik Mysterio Escapes Police Sting Operation

Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio just can’t catch a break.

The young Monday Night Raw star has devoted so much time to turning his life around, but legal problems continue to follow him. This time “ex-con-Dom” was forced to run for safety after an alleged sting operation attempted to bring down the “most wanted man on TikTok.”

Rhea Ripley and Dominik had been hoping for a Valentine’s Day to remember. It was their first as a couple and naturally wanted to celebrate in style. However, once they got to the restaurant, they found that the Mysterio reservation had been filled by Rey and his wife Angie. After Dominik scolded his dad for ruining Valentine’s Day as well as his childhood, Rey left leaving the Judgment Day pair to start their celebrations with the “most expensive bottle of champagne and finest chicken fingers.”

Minus the ketchup obviously, Dominik can’t handle anything spicy. According to Mami at least.

Dominik Mysterio’s Criminal Past Comes Back To Haunt Him

At this point, things were going smoothly for Raw’s favourite ex-convict, but somehow it seems that trouble is always just around the corner. It’s tougher than it looks to escape a life of crime.

After discovering that he had to foot the bill for the night’s festivities, Dominik’s credit card was declined. Then things got worse. Just as his financial woes were being laid bare to the world, two police officers walked in. Naturally, two police officers walking into a nice restaurant in full uniform seemed suspicious to the man so used to life on the wrong side of the law.

In a remarkable act of self-preservation, Dominik fled the scene, convinced there was a sting operation in play to bring down the most wanted man on TikTok.

Thankfully, Rhea Ripley continued to hold her man down and pay the bill.

Dominik Mysterio may have escaped with his freedom, at least for now. But is life on the run really worth it?