Val Venis Temporarily Removed From Twitter For Child Sexual Exploitation Infringement

Val Venis Thumb

Former WWF Intercontinental Champion, Sean ‘Val Venis’ Morley, was temporarily removed from Twitter for violating the website’s policy on child sexual exploitation.

In recent months, the former wrestling playboy has been a source of much controversy on the social media platform, with his upsetting tweets about politics and transgender people when he took shots at AEW talent Nyla Rose for being allowed to compete in the company’s women’s division.

Now, Venis has struck again with a tirade at Hunter Biden – the son of incoming president Joe Biden – seeming attempting to share evidence of the person in question committing sexual acts against minors. The former grappler also struck out at Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia, citing the usage of cocaine.

While the tweets are too offensive to post, they mentioned graphic and unfounded accusations of sexual exploitation against children and how the sheep refuse to accept facts presented to them.

Following the posting of these missives, Venis – who is a self-confessed supporter of President Donald Trump – was promptly suspended from Twitter as well as Facebook. His absence from the latter is said to be thirty days, but as of January 13, he has already been re-instated to the former.

Since leaving a wrestling career behind him, the star has been politically active on all forms of social media and engaged in arguments and accusations with and against noted and respected names such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who he labelled as traitors.

Val Venis is a former WWF Intercontinental and European Champion who last wrestled on June 29, 2019, for Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling.