Val Venis Recalls Hilarious Owen Hart Rib

Owen Hart

Owen Hart was a notorious ribber in his day, particularly in WWE’s Attitude Era, and recently, former World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar Val Venis would reveal a prank that Hart played on him while backstage.

Before his tragic death in 1999 at the Over The Edge pay-per-view, Owen Hart was a main part of WWE‘s roster. While portraying the “Blue Blazer” gimmick during the event, Hart would fall to death after the harness malfunctioned when it was being lowered. Prior to the tragedy, Owen Hart was famously known for ribbing (a professional wrestling term for pranking) and his huge sense of humor.

Val Venis Was Also A Victim Of Owen Hart

Speaking recently in an interview, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Val Venis (real name Sean Morley) talked about Owen Hart and his ribs backstage. Featured on the WSI – Wrestling Shoot Interviews YouTube Channel, Val Venis spoke about a prank that was specifically played on him from Hart.

While wrestlers were checking into their hotel, several of them would be swarmed by fans asking for autographs:

“This one cat had long, dark, stringy hair, kinda greasy looking. Had a stack of Val Venis photos about that thick. And he comes up and he goes ‘hey, Val, would you mind signing all these for me?’ And I go, ‘bro, I’m not gonna sign those for you. We could talk, y’know, that’s some money, we can talk, I’ll sign those for ya, but I’m not gonna sit out here and sign all of those for ya.'”

After the autograph seeker left, Owen Hart then had something planned for Val Venis.

“Other kids are coming up ‘hey, can you sign my action figure?’ So he goes, ‘okay’ and walks away, and little did I know that Owen was behind me, and he had heard this.”

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